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If you have wrinkles (ripples) in your carpet and they have been in your carpet for more than 6 months, YOU SHOULD GIVE US A CALL fill out our form to receive an instant quote. We have provided many residential and commercial clients with outstanding carpet repairing services. We are one of Fairfax VA's premiere carpet repair and stretching companies. 

All of our carpet repair services come with a FREE 6 - 12 month WARRANTY. We repair broken seams in carpet, patch holes in carpet due to fire place damage, patch bleach stains in carpet, and restretch and refasten carpeting because of wrinkles (ripples) and buckling in the carpeting. We also fix hot iron burn marks in carpet.




The 2 Most Common Cause of Wrinkles or Buckling Of Carpeting

  1. Improper installation of the carpet.  A power stretcher is recommended when installing carpet into a home . It should be used along with a knee kicker to get the best results and to ensure that your carpet doesn't develop wrinkles or buckles over time. If your carpet has wrinkles and the warranty has expired please call us for free assessment.


     2.  Dragging heavy furniture across the carpet without FURNITURE SLIDERS. This may result in bucking or wrinkles in the carpet. When you drag heavy furniture across the carpet it tends to pull away from the tack strip (track strips are alongside the baseboard           molding and is used to securely hold down the carpet) causing buckling and wrinkles to develop in your carpet.


At Everette Carpet We totally take all of the risk of you doing business with us. By offering you a FREE 6 - 12 month WARRANTY on Carpet Repairs And Stretching to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service.

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