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Can my carpet be cleaned without harsh chemicals, you say? My answer….well of course it can. More than ever before, people are becoming aware of the potentially harmful effects of chemicals used within the home. We have many clients who call in to our company interested in our green carpet cleaning Fairfax VA service. “Can you clean my carpet without the use of harsh chemicals?” is usually a question we're commonly asked. Officially speaking, the only technique to clean a carpet without having chemical solutions is usually to just vacuum it. Even plain water is a chemical solution (H2O). However, what's generally meant when asked if we can clean their carpet without having chemical solutions is, “Can you clean my carpet safely? “The short answer is, “Yes.” Your carpet cleaning company should possess a wide variety of products that are safe to use.

For many clients, an affordable solution to the problem will be to pre-treat your carpet using a normal mild carpet pre-spray and work it into the fibers to activate the release of dirt and grime. The essential step will be to rinse and extract the carpet with clean hot water from our truck mounted high powered carpet cleaning system. The hot water extraction rinse will get rid of virtually all of the pre-treatment and leave really little residue in and on your carpet. For other clients that are very sensitive, your carpet cleaning technician will need to have those products on hand which are non- toxic and safe. They should use those specific solutions accordingly.

Or, if you choose, your Fairfax VA carpet cleaning technician can simply rinse and extract your pre-treated carpeting with hot water, as I previously spoke about. It is good to know that most carpet cleaning products manufactured today now are very safe for you and your family members. A properly educated, certified Fairfax VA carpet cleaning technician will be skilled to meet your specific needs and offer a really high level of customer service, leaving you with clean, non-toxic carpet in your home.

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