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Why We Offer 1 Free Room Of Carpet Cleaning to Fairfax VA Residents

We at Everette Carpet Care & Restoration want to share with you why we offer our free room cleaning. Well….. Its 4 not so complicated reasons.

1. We want to show you that we are the best company to use.

2. We definitely care about you and your family.

3. We like to educate you and other clients we meet about our company and the ways to keep their home clean and healthy.

4. And of course, last but not least, making your dirtiest carpet in the home look like new.

You’ll surely want us to clean the rest of your home.

First, we come to give you an assessment of your carpet’s wear age and the best techniques to keep your carpet clean & healthy.

Since we all know that when you clean your carpet you clean the home’s central filtration system. It helps your HVAC system. If you didn’t already know…. Here’s a little tip. In actuality the carpet catches approximately 80% of the pollutants in the air of the home. If you have hard wood floors you would see all the dust on the floor where as with having carpet the dust settles on the carpet fibers until the next cleaning. This is why some people tend to find black or brownish streaks in the carpet along the walls. This is called a filtration line. This line would alert you to change the filters of the HVAC system if there is no schedule set in place. But don’t forget to schedule to clean the carpet as well!

After choosing the area for the cleaning, we pre-spot all stains and work the cleaning detergent into the deep fibers. This helps to loosen dried soil and other debris hidden down deep in the carpet. The carpet in Fairfax VA can host a lot of hidden pollutants such as pollen, vehicle road debris, fungi, and animal remains. EWWWWW! This definitely needs to be extracted using a high-powered, self-contained, truck mounted system.

We then steam rinse and extract the dirt, pollen, detergent, and other harmful pollutants away to leave a fresh clean carpet worthy of children, pets, and of course... You!

After the carpet cleaning we ask that you do not walk on the carpet with shoes that are not covered. We will provide a complementary pair of shoe covers just for you. This will ensure that the pollutants are not brought into the home on your freshly cleaned carpet in Fairfax VA. In most cases, please allow 2-4 hours for it to dry completely.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, contact us. We are here to help!

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1 FREE Room Of Carpet Cleaning **up to 120sqft.**