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Which Method of Carpet Cleaning Is Best For My Fairfax VA Home?

There is an extensive variety of cleaning methods when taking on dirty carpet. The cost, degree of carpet soiling, conditions of location and type of carpet fiber usually impact the choice of a certain carpet-cleaning method.

These are the benefits of the most common professional carpet cleaning methods used today.

1. Steam cleaning.  Also recognized as hot water extraction, steam cleaning is a common method for cleaning carpets. With this method, hot water is heated to a significantly high temperature and blasted through the carpet fibers under pressure. The hot water efficiently loosens the dirt, and the carpet-cleaning wand quickly extracts moisture and soil away. Heavily soiled carpet often calls for the use of a cleansing agent. Steam cleaning is effective in getting rid of odors and the elimination of bacteria and dust mites. There are very few drawbacks to this method, other than that of drying time.

2. Carpet shampooing. The shampooing of carpet is the first carpet-cleaning method used by carpet cleaning professionals. In this process, a soapy substance is spread on the carpet and brushed in with a motor-powered round brush. This method works best for heavily soiled, low-pile carpet. However, the carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed to remove soil and residue. Numerous carpet-cleaning professionals recommend steam cleaning as a more effective method of carpet cleaning than that of carpet shampooing.

3. Carpet dry cleaning. This particular method uses essentially no water. A carpet cleaning technician will sprinkle a small amount of an absorbent compound over the carpet and uses an industrial brush to work it through the carpet fibers, dissolving soil. The soil and residue are then sucked up by a commercial vacuum cleaner. This dry-cleaning method dries carpet faster than any other cleaning method. Delicate natural-fiber carpets, such as sisal and hemp, benefit from the dry-cleaning process, but this method tends to be more expensive.

4. Bonnet cleaning. This carpet cleaning method is sometimes called a dry-cleaning method, however, it really isn’t. Bonnet cleaning uses a cleaning agent, sometimes mixed with carbonated water, and it is sprayed as a mist over the top of the carpet. A round spinning buffer or "bonnet" with an absorbent cover is run over the unclean area. When the bonnet gets soiled, it is then changed and a new one (bonnet) is put on. Although the top of the carpet is cleaned, soil particles which have fallen to the bottom of the carpet fibers remain left behind. This particular cleaning method should be regarded as transitory between more thorough carpet cleanings.

A qualified carpet cleaning professional will determine which carpet cleaning method should be used for your particular type of carpet in your Fairfax VA home. 

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