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What’s Best For Your Health: Hardwood Floors or Carpet Cleaning |Fairfax VA

Whether in residential or commercial, carpet provides foot comfort to staff, clients, and homeowners alike. Also Carpet cushions slips, falls and quiets noise pollution. Carpet is a well-known natural insulator, which provides additional warmth in the cooler seasons. This is another reason to get a thorough carpet cleaning in Fairfax VA.

There are some things to think about regarding have carpet in your home or office. To extend the life of your carpet and lessen maintenance, you should maintain outside areas like sidewalks and garages and keep them clean, which is recommended by carpet manufacturers. Additionally, place mats in both outside entrances and inside areas from hard surface to your carpet. Develop a consistent maintenance plan, instead of an infrequent series of thorough carpet cleanings in Fairfax VA. Your carpet cleaning technician will be able to customize a maintenance schedule to fit your needs specified for the amount of traffic, type of soiling and season that you have.

Moreover, the carpet in your home or office is another filter for your environment. Hardwood floors don’t collect as much dust and allergens. Instead the dust and dirt that is brought into the home or office just sits there in plain view. With that being said, if you don’t sweep or mop your hardwood floors at least every other day, therefore also becoming an eyesore. With every step, the dirt particles get thrown about and still get inhaled by its inhabitants.

Hardwood floors may seem easy to maintain to a lot of people, but neglecting them can be quite expensive. Unlike carpets, you can’t fix major damage to a hardwood floors without a large investment. Damaged wood can be sanded and refinished, rather than totally replaced. In much of the same way, carpet can be repaired so much that the damage would be erased. It’s funny how people who love hardwood flooring still place some sort of carpet or rug on top of their beautiful flooring.

It’s got to be the comfort factor! 


Maintenance is highly recommended for whichever floor covering you choose. Have your hardwood flooring professionally cleaned and/ or get a thorough carpet cleaning in Fairfax VA to keep everyone healthy in your home or office.






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