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What To Do When A Thorough Carpet Cleaning In Fairfax VA Isn’t Enough

Regarding A Stain – Depending on the size of the area, you could have a professional carpet cleaning technician that also repairs carpet to consult with. Usually he could repair the area with a remnant piece of carpet. If you do not have one handy. He will suggest taking a donor piece from the back of closet that has the same existing carpet. This is so that the carpet is matched seamlessly. If you just place a new piece of carpet, just purchased from the store, it may not match for several reasons. The color and shading is off, it has been discontinued, or it may have been special order to begin with. Repairing the carpet this way takes less time and money instead of installing a whole new room of carpet.

Regarding Odors (Pet Odor) – When it comes to pets, they are like children….They do have accidents. Those accidents will remain if not properly eliminated. Unlike humans, our pets have a great sense of smell. Consequently, the residual odor of their past accidents in the carpeting or upholstery inhibits them to release themselves again in the same area. If the area is left untreated, you’re encouraging your pet to repeatedly revisit the same area as before. Removing the carpet padding is undeniably necessary in most cases to entirely eliminate the need for your pet to visit the area again and soak it with urine or feces. Once the padding is changed, the floor treated, and the carpet tacked back down your half way there. The last thing to do would be to have a thorough carpet cleaning in the entire room. You may even want to have a thorough carpet cleaning throughout you entire home in Fairfax VA. Believe me….You’ll definitely notice the difference.

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