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Should You Purchase New Carpet or Have The Existing Carpet Cleaned in Your Fairfax Va Home?

Well this is a common question that a lot of people ask, but it all comes down to preference and circumstance. There’s also a lot of variables related to this question.

If this carpet is fairly new, within 5-10 years and it has some stains, I would definitely recommend having the carpet cleaned. This would be my first option in this case, since it’s very cost effective. Also, when you have your carpet cleaned you could also have the upholstery cleaned, too. Then you would have your whole room cleaned. When you take care of your carpet, it will take care of you. Maintaining your carpet with regular cleanings will help it to last much longer.

If the carpet has a lot more than a few stains or your pet has damaged it, consider having a carpet cleaning technician to assess your carpet to see if it is salvageable. If he says that it can be repaired or restored, give it a try. It could be worth your while and may solve your problems.

If you find that you have tried to clean or repair the carpet and it still doesn’t cut it, go do your research and find some carpet that you do like. Do find a company that you trust and will install your carpet for a reasonable price.

I just want to leave you with some last words. Please do have your carpet regularly maintained by a carpet cleaning company in Fairfax VA. Have them clean your carpet according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, which is usually 1-2x per year depending on your indoor carpet traffic. Make sure to repair rips, holes, and burn marks before they get worse. If you notice ripples or wrinkles in your carpet, get them re-stretched, since accidents can happen. When you take care of your investment it shows.

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