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Reactive vs. Proactive Commercial Carpet Cleaning | Fairfax VA

Reactive vs. Proactive Carpet Cleaning | Fairfax VA

Commercial carpeting is often a significant investment for any commercial business, you simply cannot afford to not maintain it properly. The longer it lasts, the reduced it charges. However the initial cost doesn't cover your whole investment. Look at it this way: nobody buys clothing just to throw them in the trash right after wearing them one time (unless you’re Paris Hilton). Just kidding, but really. Only the exclusively rich would do such a thing, especially if they didn’t give one hoot about their business. But you do. You would wash them, or take them to the dry cleaners to have them laundered. More than the life with the garments you will most likely spend five times what it costs to purchase them, just to have them cleaned so that you could definitely get more than just one use out of them.

If you or you have someone that is going to be in charge of your commercial carpet cleaning Fairfax VA maintenance, you've got to make a decision which method you desire to take, whether it be proactive or reactive.

Reactive Carpet Cleaning Strategy: Do not have a restorative carpet cleaning performed after it has been purchased, installed, and walked on for an extended amount of time, until it looks awfully nasty. You then anxiously call a number of commercial carpet cleaning Fairfax VA companies, try to determine which company you feel comfortable with and then setup an appointment for them to clean your carpeted areas and hope all goes well. Keep Your Fingers Crossed!!

Proactive Carpet Cleaning Strategy: Throughout your carpet assessment, a maintenance plan is discussed. High traffic areas vs. minimally used areas are determined. Then a strategic maintenance plan is designed to incorporate the right cleaning methods and frequencies for each and every area. Once everything is established, you’re off to the races!!

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