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Professional Carpet Cleaning - Fairfax VA | Consumer’s Guide Part II

Part II of a consumer’s definitely important guide to Carpet Cleaning - Fairfax VA. Many carpet cleaning companies charge by the square foot, and many charge by the room (usually offering a standard size in case it is smaller or larger than the average).

Any professional carpet cleaning technician you seek out should be able to provide you with a specific handwritten quote based on their measuring of your home and the exact method of cleaning that is required for an effective cleaning of your carpet. If you need additional services, whether it is pet odor removal, pet stain removal, or scotchgard treatment, you should also be provided a clear written estimate.

During your carpet cleaning assessment, you should be asked several questions as to recommend a specific cleaning prescription for your home’s indoor health needs. Such as, “are pets present in the home?” or “What is the carpet’s age?” or “Are there any spots or spills that need specific attention?”

Also, ask as many questions as needed to feel comfortable or knowledgeable with what the technician is planning to accomplish with your carpet.



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