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My Carpet Cleaning Horror Story In Fairfax VA,

This horrific story of carpet cleaning in Fairfax VA, that’s been happening across the region, is how carpet cleaners are taking advantage of unknowing clients. Here’s one account from Mrs. Smith of Fairfax VA.


I called a carpet cleaning company that offered deep scrubbing shampoo carpet cleaning In Fairfax VA for the whole house for $100 and that was the biggest mistake that I made. When the company got there, there were two guys that showed up, they

 started working. They shampooed the carpet but, the only problem was that they didn’t take the shampoo or water back out of the carpet. They were just scrubbing the shampoo in the carpet and moving it around from area to area. I thought this was quite strange. So I asked them if they were going to take the shampoo and water out of my carpet and they said no. They just said they are doing the deep scrub and the shampooing of the carpet and that’s it. They were done and they wanted to get paid now for their work. I didn’t think they deserved to get paid but, they were really demanding, so much so that it was quite threatening, so I paid them just so that they would leave.

The carpet looked terrible. I was extremely wet, and I even saw suds still sitting on top the carpet in some areas. I didn’t know what to do. I then decided to go to the internet and look for some help. Thank goodness I ran across a company called Everette Carpet Care & Restoration. They took the time to talk to me. Answered all of my questions and concerns. They even eased my anxiety. They let me know what should have been done during my carpet cleaning In Fairfax VA. They explained to me what I should expect before, during, and after a professional carpet cleaning in my home. The so-called technicians, first of all, put too much detergent on my carpet, and secondly they didn’t extract the water and detergent out of my carpet.

 I am so thankful for these guys. They also came out, extracted all the soap, and pretty much re-cleaned my carpet for me. They are definitely my heroes. They did an awesome job and saved me thousands of dollars on repairs that would’ve come from using that terrible company. Thanks to Everette Carpet Care & Restoration they saved the day!


There are many people out there that have suffered from unscrupulous companies that claim to clean a whole house of carpet for $100. We are here to help you gain the knowledge so you don’t get taken advantage of.

“When something sounds too good to be true….. It almost always is”

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