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How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Its Best After You Have It Cleaned in Fairfax Va

Well let’s see…. The first step would be to try not to get it dirty in the first place. But since that’s inhumanly possible, let’s take it one step at a time.

How did the carpet get dirty in the first place?

If you have kids or pets, it’s quite easy…… If not, then it could be YOU.

Well one way to stop the carpet from getting soiled quickly after you just had it cleaned, would be to remove your shoes at the door upon arrival. This helps to leave all those horrible pollutants at the door. Don’t forget to ask you friends and family to do the same. Every little bit helps.

Did you know that some of those pollutants are carried in on your hair, skin, and clothes? That’s right! Just as pollen is blown through the air to land on anything it comes in contact with so does those nasty pollutants. Before you decide to dive onto your sofa or carpet after a hard day at work, rinse off all those outside pollutants. You’ll thank me later!

This is also true for your pets. Pets that go outside occasionally, whether you take them for a walk or they exit by their own doggy door will definitely bring back pollutants that have been trapped in their hair and paws. Hey I’m not bias about any pets since, cats do it to. Even if your feline uses the cat box as their outhouse, the residue from the gravel will get into your carpet as they tip-toe through your carpet fibers.

Sorry I can’t just stop there. Your pets don’t wear clothes or have hands, so how do they scratch or rub their you- know- what’s?  Well I love pets just like anyone else, but to be truthfully honest, the pet poo either gets rubbed into the carpet or onto your furniture. Sorry, just had to make you aware just in case you didn’t know. Oh, and don’t forget that they have accidents, just like humans do. But there accidents are definitely harder to clean up and get rid of. In fact, once that accident has occurred the pet’s high sense of smell draws them back to the same area to repeat the offense.

So be sure to wipe off your pets from head to toe when letting them back into the home and definitely after they have released themselves. Be aware of the potty schedule so there are no accidents.


Above all, schedule your carpet cleaning appointments in Fairfax VA regularly to keep a clean and healthy home.

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