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How To Keep Your Carpets Spot-Free After A Carpet Cleaning In Fairfax VA

First off let me just say that before you think about scheduling your carpet cleaning in Fairfax VA, you should develop a cleaning schedule. You may want to make it a habit of vacuuming your carpet at least twice a week. Also, before you begin to vacuum, empty the canister or bag. The most important thing to getting the most out of your vacuum is take care of it. Many people think that they need a new vacuum, but in fact they may just need to clean the filter. By cleaning the filter and emptying the canister regularly you keep a steady air flow, therefore the suction remains at peak performance. Another great thing to know about vacuum maintenance is to know what height level to have you vacuum set on. The thicker the carpet you have, the higher the number on the vacuum should be set.


When you vacuum before and after your carpet cleaning in Fairfax VA, you should actually take slow strokes over each area. This will pretty much ensure that you letting your vacuum move the carpet fibers, 

as a result allowing the dirt and/ or dust to be released. You will be amazed how much dirt will be collected by just making sure the filter is clean and the amount of strokes you take when vacuuming your carpet.

One other big way to keep your carpets spot-free is to add carpet protection after every professional carpet cleaning in Fairfax VA. When you have accidents or spills it makes it incredibly easier to clean up.  Also the manufacturer recommends to reapply the protection in order to honor the warranty. After you do have your carpet cleaned, stay on schedule. Continue to vacuum regularly so that your carpet fibers do not get build up.

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