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Five Easy Things To Do Before Your Carpet Cleaning - Fairfax VA

So you’ve decided to have your carpets cleaned! Congratulations on making the best decision when it comes to your homes upkeep. An expert carpet cleaning Fairfax VA technician will improve the appearance, smell, feel and longevity of your carpets.

Here are six easy tips you could do just before the carpet cleaning company gets there to make sure that you receive the most effective and efficient clean during your carpet cleaning appointment.

  1. Clear Your Carpeted Areas: The first that you should do is to clear the carpeted area as much as possible of  Items like lamps, plants, tables and chairs from the carpet that have to have cleaning. Your carpet cleaning company should let you know ahead of time what sorts of furniture they move and how to prepare for your appointment. They’ll also let you know regardless of whether or not they charge an additional fee for moving heavy things which include beds, couches or televisions.
  2. Check your carpeted areas prior to your appointment:  Your carpet cleaning technician will inspect and assess your carpeted areas when they arrive to your home, but it is very useful for you to perform own personal inspection. Note the areas with the spots and stains. Your pre-inspection increases the efficiency of your carpet cleaning. Remember, you and your technician are working on one common goal….For the Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever!
  3. Let your carpet cleaner know ahead of time that you have furr- babies. That way your cleaner can come prepared with all the correct solutions for treating pet-related soils or odors. They may even bring a treat for Fido or Kitty poo too. Once your carpet cleaner meets and greets your babies, you should keep your pets out of the carpeted areas until the carpets are completely dry.
  4. Make sure the driveway is fully accessible to the technician and their company vehicle. Their hot water extraction equipment is mounted in their truck. By parking in your driveway, they’ll have better access to the solutions and other equipment needed for your appointment.
  5. Notify your family & friends about your upcoming carpet cleaning Fairfax VA appointment since the carpets will be quite damp and it is best to let them completely dry before walking upon them.

And in case you cannot keep away from walking on your newly cleaned carpets, ask your cleaner for some shoe coverings (booties). If you apply these 5 quick tips before your carpet cleaner arrives, your carpet cleaning Fairfax VA will likely be more efficient. It will be worry-free for you and you will be able to enjoy your freshly carpets cleaned sooner.

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