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Dirty Tricks The Carpet Cleaning Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About |Fairfax VA & Washington DC

One particular trick that is commonly used by the carpet cleaning industry in Fairfax VA and the country, is to make as much money as fast as possible even at the client or customers expense. This particularly deals with the unsanitary conditions of not cleaning the equipment in between clients and just rushing from on client to the next. The equipment may host a lot of germs, bacteria, and viruses that have been extracted from one home and now are bringing them to yours. This definitely puts you or any other client as risk. The thing is that it’s not just the carpet cleaning technicians that are at fault it’s also upper management or even the owner of the carpet cleaning company in Fairfax VA. Some carpet cleaning companies do not have a policy or statute that requires them to clean and sanitize their equipment after each client. If this is not done then a lot of technicians are not trained properly and just not know the hazards. In any case, would you cut up tomatoes after you’ve cut up raw chicken on the same surface without disinfecting the surface? I think not... But this is the same thing. All of the harmful bacteria is sitting right on the equipment, getting ready to be placed and scrubbed into your carpet fibers. As it dries it will be released in to the air, land on to hard and soft surfaces, and then straight to your lungs. Do yourself a favor, ask your carpet cleaning technician in Fairfax VA if he sanitizes his equipment regularly and what does he sanitize it with. This may be the reason why there are so many illnesses in the country.

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