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Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Cleanup In Fairfax VA

Flooded basements stink…..they not only stink, but if ignored, can cause significant damage to your home as well your health. Leaving a water damage in any area or room can cause many problems. The first thing you should do is to locate and stop the source of the water. Even smallest amount of water can cause tremendous damage over time. Should your washing machine or toilet overflow in a lower room of your home you should act quickly. Actually the quicker the better. Moisture can stay in the home quite a while if not dried completely. If you should have a flooded basement or in any room of your home for that matter, you should have the water properly extracted and disposed of. There are harmful organisms that thrive in waste water. You can get sick and no one wants to get sick with some sort of infection. You don’t even have to touch it to get sick. If you inhale some of the vapors of the standing water, you could be putting you or your family at risk of a host of infections.

After you have extracted the water from the area properly it is best make sure that it totally and completely dries. That means if there is carpet installed in that particular area, pull it up along with any padding that is underneath. Make sure to have a generous airflow to speed the drying process along. These areas must be sanitized and disinfected to prohibit mold and mildew growth. Everette Carpet Care & Restoration can provide water restoration service for you that includes a final carpet cleaning with a disinfectant in Fairfax VA. Even if you don’t have a water damage emergency we can provide a thorough carpet cleaning in Fairfax VA.

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