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  Should you clean or replace your carpet? The 2 things to consider before cleaning or replacing your carpet, Fairfax VA. Replacing carpet within your home can be a lot like buying a brand new vehicle - the moment drive it, the value starts to depreciate. Some carpet manufacturers warranty their carpet for around 10 years, but with correct care, many homeowners are in a position to extend the life of their carpet even longer than the manufacturer’s warranty by using qualified carpet cleaners. Sooner or later, you’ll determine whether cleaning or replacing your carpet is the greatest option. To find out if new carpet is ideal for you personally, think about these factors:

1. Are there tears and rips on the carpet and has your carpet seen better days? Are you putting through rugs on the carpet  to cover rips and tears, or rearranging furniture to hide problems with your carpet? Are your children afraid to sit or lay on it?  Tears and rips in main walkways are major signs your carpet is on its death bed. Polyester carpet fibers have been known for matting and losing its density. Once it falls down and loses its fluff, it doesn’t return to regular, even with professional cleaning. Nylon carpeting, having said that, is absolutely more resilient than polyester and responds nicely to carpet cleaning, even when matted down. Some people may have the ability to fix small tears and rips themselves, if not they  are able to hire a carpet specialist to repair the damage carpet. However, large rips and tears tend to signal the carpet needs to be replaced, especially if the tears are on stairs or in large walkways.

2. Excessive stains Covering up stains with furnishing and oriental rugs are common when regular carpet cleaning fails to get rid of them? If your house is beginning to resemble a mine field, it is time to replace the carpet. Almost all carpet includes a stain-resistant finish, but over time the remedy fades, and at some point leaves the carpet unprotected. Luckily, Most professional carpet cleaners know tricks to get rid of tough stains. Dean Leffel, owner of Dwelling Cleaning Centers of America in Indianapolis, says most carpet cleaners only cleans the surface of the carpet, to prevent causing damage the glue (seaming tape) that binds all the carpet in your home together. Having said that, he says this doesn’t get any stain out of your carpet that is penetrated deeper than the carpet.“We possess a system of flushing out deep set stains using a flood extraction tool, In this process the we flood the area with a rinsing solution and use truck-mounted steam-cleaning equipment to extract and to completely get rid of the stain from the carpet as well as the pad..  

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