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Attention Fairfax County VA Residents. Did you know carpet cleaning don’t always remove all Stains from your carpet? Would you like to know how to remove virtually any stain from your carpet or rugs using common household products that’s currently in your kitchen or bathroom?

These are a series of articles for Fairfax VA and surrounding county residents that will explain exactly how to clean or remove virtually any stain from your carpeting that you may encounter. You’ll learn how to safely clean and remove Pet stains, red juice stains, ink stains, chewing gum stains, candle wax, and many more.

The particular type of stain that I like to discuss today is Candle Wax. If you’ve ever spilled hot candle wax on your carpet, you know it is very difficult to get out. Now that the damage is done and you’re face to face with a candle wax stain, these are a few simple steps that you should take to properly remove the candle wax from your carpet or oriental rugs.


Step 1. Once the wax has melted into the fibers of the carpet and hardened, get a butter knife out of your kitchen drawer. Use the butter knife to scrape as much of the harden wax out of the carpet fibers. When you have scraped the majority of wax out of the carpet fibers you have completed step one.

Step 2. Now that you have removed all of the excess wax from the carpet this should be very simple and easy. You will need a white cotton towel and an iron. Wet the towel and squeeze the excess water out of it. Plug in the iron and set it on medium heat. Place the wet towel over the wax stain then place the iron on the towel. Initially, only place the iron on the towel for about 4 seconds and check to see if the color of the carpet has changed. If the color doesn’t change its safe to continue. You should press the iron down on the towel for 10 seconds. Check to see if the candle wax has melted into the towel. If the stain doesn’t lift wet the towel again and repeat the process. If it still doesn’t lift give us a call and we will remove it or repair it for you.

We are here to help you with your carpet repair or carpet cleaning needs in Fairfax VA.


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