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Attention Fairfax County Residents, The Best & Easy Way To Clean An Ink Stain From Carpet In Fairfax VA


Everyone has their way of cleaning ink out of carpet, but I’m going to share my way. These are your basic household items, so everyone should have them on hand just in case you should need them. This method has been working for me for years and I stand by it completely.

                                                                                                                                     The items that you are going to need are:

                                                                                                      A bottle of rubbing alcohol, 2 clean white cloths, a pan of warm water, and mild dish soap.


First off, the reason for using these particular household items is so that they won’t harm the carpet fibers or you for that matter….. As long as you don’t ingest them that is. 

                                                                                              Please follow the steps below to return your carpet to its previous position – INK FREE.

  1. Wet a corner of one clean white cloth with some your rubbing alcohol. You are going to want to wet the cloth enough to cover the inked area completely.

Note: if the area is bigger than the size of the cloth, work in sections. One at a time works best.


  1. Let the rubbing alcohol do its work. You will notice the ink is slowly transferring from the carpet to the white cloth. Do Not Rub Area.

This method takes time. Relax, check Twitter, answer some emails, but don’t try to rush this method. You may make matters worse and it could spread.


  1. Once the stain has disappeared or the stain is no more present, you can rinse the area. Get the pan of warm water (not hot preferable warm please) and add a few drops of mild dish soap. This will rinse the remaining residue out of the carpet fibers. Once again do not rub, wipe gently. You want the carpet to go back to its previous state.


  1. Guess What? Now it is time to let the area completely dry undisturbed. If you have a fan close by, you could use this to speed up the process. Other than that, you’re Done!!

Whew! Now nobody will know it ever happened……unless you tell them.


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