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After Your Carpet Cleaning, How Long Will It Take To Dry In Fairfax VA?

image Just how much time will it take for your carpets to dry after cleaning you say? So you just had your carpets cleaned. They unquestionably needed it and the carpet cleaning technician did a fantastic job, but now he's telling you that you cannot walk into any in the rooms that he cleaned until the carpet dries. How long will that take? You have got the dog chained outdoors, the cat's been locked into a bathroom and she's beginning to express her displeasure loudly. Meanwhile, your children are on their third time through their video in the kitchen and also you have got some guests coming this evening. The answer to this question is dependent upon what company you make call to provide the carpet cleaning service in Fairfax VA. Working with a "clean and go" service, you are at the mercy of the technicians and the weather. Some unqualified carpet cleaners will just place a lot of water onto your carpet and then do not extract it. This is a big no-no, for this can promote mold and mildew growth.


If you are in need of deep down industrial size carpet cleaning in Fairfax VA, there may be some extra moisture, but with plenty of adequate air circulation, your carpets will dry clean and soft. However, if it really is rainy outside or it is humid, your carpets will take quite a bit longer to dry. In some cases, we bring air movers to speed up on organic evaporation. These fans aren't your regular store bought box fans that you just break out on a hot day, but they are significantly a lot more successful and are custom developed to dry your carpets. The proper equipment for drying carpets in these particular cases are our air movers which are used by many providers including our company that we also use for water damage restoration services. Our air movers could be the quickest and most effective method to dry your carpets. They move massive volumes of air just above the surface inside the carpet, evaporating the moisture. Two fans can dry your carpet in as little as 20 minutes.

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