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4 Questions To Ask Any Carpet Cleaning Company Before U Invite Them Into Your Home | Fairfax VA & Washington DC

  1. How long have you been in the carpet cleaning industry? They should’ve been in business for at least five years to be considered a reputable company. The company should have definite references that you could reach out to and see their quality of work.
  2. Is your carpet cleaning company licensed and insured? This is very important, just in case a problem arises while the company is working in your home. The company should be insured with a minimum of a million dollars of liability.
  3. The carpet cleaning company you choose should have some sort of money back guarantee for customer satisfaction. Our carpet cleaning company in Fairfax VA does. If you the client are not satisfied, then the company should not be rewarded and get paid.  Most companies should stand behind the work that they perform. If they do, it lowers the risk of you the client doing business with that particular company. If the carpet cleaning company in Fairfax VA has advertisements that are not true, then you shouldn’t be charged. When the company claims one thing in an ad and then when they get to your home it’s another story. This is basically called false advertisement. If their advertisement says that they will get all the stains out and it doesn’t happen, then you shouldn’t have to pay for the service.
  4. What method of carpet cleaning will you performing today? The answer to this question should be one of three answers. It could be steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, or dry cleaning. Most professional carpet cleaning companies in Fairfax VA provide a variation of carpet cleaning services depending the needs of the client. They are to recommend a specific cleaning that will give the best result at the time of their assessment. They should be able to provide any one of these services.

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